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Learning outcomes descriptions 2.2.c

Competence description VQTS:

2.2.c Is able to independently

  • prepare and adapt a nutrition plan according to the patient’s/client’s individual condition and functional limitations,
  • place and handle feeding tubes.

Competence (EQF)SkillsKnowledge

The professional caregiver is able to autonomously and independently prepare and adapt nutrition plans according to patients’/clients’ individual needs, handle special forms of enteral nutrition and place and handle (nasal/oral) feeding tubes.





































The professional caregiver is able to:

  • prepare and adapt nutrition plans,
  • prepare and serve the enteral nutrition according to the nutrition plan,
  • prepare the material for placing and handling feeding tubes,
  • place, check and handle feeding tubes (e.g. flush regularly, control feeding tube position),
  • check and handle different feeding pumps (see also CA.3.5),
  • evaluate the patient’s/client’s swallowing process while carrying out dysphagia tests,
  • use appropriate application systems (e.g. use appropriate syringes and systems for enteral nutrition only)
  • anticipate risk situations and emergency cases early on and prevent such situations by adapting their own actions,
  • deal with non-compliant patient’s/client’s regarding feeding tubes (e.g. secure and fix feeding tubes properly).

The professional caregiver is able to:

  • explain legal regulations and consequences regarding parenteral nutrition (see also CA.B.3),
  • explain the anatomy of air passages and the digestive tract,
  • explain the procedure and potential risks of placing and handling feeding tubes,
  • name the indications and explain the limitations for placing a feeding tube,
  • explain their own behaviour when dealing with non-compliant patients/clients.

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