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HCEU matrix on "Professional Care" published

After more than one year of hard work the HCEU partners publish the HCEU matrix on "Professional Care" in December 2016. The HCEU matrix on "Professional Care" describes the steps of competence development in the fields of nursing and elderly care starting with helper professions within those professional fields up to Bachelor level. Competence development is described based on work processes/ competence areas and transversal competence areas identified as representative for the overall fields of nursing and elderly care. The matrix has been developed by the transnational expert consortium of the HCEU project including perspectives from AT, DE, HE, HU, PL and validated in the framework of two transnational validation workshops.

The current version is still subject of additional quality assurance measures and will be available in a further improved version in the second half of 2017. A manual on using the matrix and its background is separately available.


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