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Jan 2016: Call for HCEU project advisory board members

A European labour market with mobile workers ready to work abroad is indispensible to overcome skill mismatches within healthcare across Europe. The recognition of healthcare qualifications across borders is, however, key for migration of healthcare professionals on the European labour market. The European project “HealthCareEurope” (HCEU) tackles this challenge. It aims to facilitate overcoming of skill mismatches through the provision of tools to simplify and accelerate recognition processes within migration of healthcare professionals with a special focus on “nursing” and “elderly care”.

The HCEU project consortium is looking for members of an HCEU advisory board for the full duration of project (September 2015 till August 2018). Advisory board members are expected to critically reflect the work of the HCEU project consortium and advise the consortium with regard to sustainability and practical applicability of project results within recognition and training praxis.

The ideal advisory board member:

  • Has great insight to healthcare qualification and work in the country represented and possibly in other European countries,
  • Has prior experience with recognition of prior learning across borders within healthcare especially related to nursing and elderly care related profiles,
  • Is or has been actively involved into a stakeholder organisation within healthcare such as recognition/ competent bodies, ministries, training providers, sector associations or trade unions,
  • Has the possibility to dedicate between 1-3 hours per month to the HCEU project,
  • Has a good working knowledge of English.

Tasks of advisory board members:

  • Critically reflect and discuss the projects implementation and (intermediate) results with the project consortium and with a special focus on practical applicability, impact and sustainability of project results,
  • Review HCEU intellectual outputs in the context of an expert review process,
  • Support the project consortium within multiplication of project results.

Composition of advisory board:
Every project country (AT, DE, HE, HU, PL) is planned to be represented with at least one board member. Further board members and board members from other countries are welcome.

Coordination of advisory board: The advisory board is coordinated by the PM/QA-management of the project (DERKA, DE and DEKRA Kft, HU). It is expected to start its work as of March 2016. Communication takes place primarily via e-mail and via virtual meetings (4-5 between Mar 2016 and Aug 2018). Advisory board members are invited to participate in one of the projects European and further domestic multiplier events organised in the country represented by the advisory board member.

Call for advisory board members