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Nov 2015: Call for interview partners and workshop participant for development and validation of VQTS matrix on “Nursing”

The HCEU project partners are looking for interview and workshop participant from the project partner countries (DE, AT, PL, HU, HE) in order to support shaping of a VQTS competence development matrix on "nursing".

The transnational matrix intends to facilitate recognition of prior learning primarily but not exclusively in the context of transnational mobility of healthcare professionals across Europe. For this purpose it gatheres competence development steps based on core working tasks of nurses indepently from education systems competences are obtained in. This is done in order to provide a coherent basis for comparison and transparency of nursing qualifications across Europe.

The interviews will take approximately 40-60 Minutes. In the interview we will ask you about core working tasks of a nurse and specific working activities within these working tasks. Furthermore, we are interested in the competence development process of nurses in the respective working tasks (e.g. what is a nurse able to do right after finishing education and how is he or she developing in the working task without participating in further training).

With your interview you support us in developing a European competence matrix for “Nurses” that also includes the practice of nurses in your home country and that can facilitate transnational mobility of nurses. Once the interviews are evaluated a further consultation round with experts in the field will be implemented in the format of workshops organised in all project countries.

After finishing interviews and workshops you'll receive access to the complete competence matrix on this website.

Please get in touch with your project contact partner in your country for further information.


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