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Dec 2015: Save the date for the 1st HCEU international workshop, 17 March 2016, Krakow (PL)

"Making healthcare qualifications comparable across borders in Europe"

A workshop for healthcare, education and recognition experts and professionals
17 March 2016, 11 am – 4 pm, Qubus Hotel, Krakow (PL), workshop language: English

A European labour market with mobile workers ready to work abroad is indispensible to overcome skill mismatches within healthcare across Europe. The recognition of healthcare qualifications across borders is, however, key for migration of healthcare professionals on the European labour market. The European project “HealthCareEurope” (HCEU) tackles this challenge. It aims to facilitate overcoming of skill mismatches through the provision of competence development matrixes (VQTS) to simplify and accelerate recognition processes within migration of healthcare professionals with a focus on “nursing” and “elderly care”.

The workshop presents and discusses the approach proposed by the HCEU project to facilitate comparability and transparency of nursing qualifications across borders and within recognition processes with healthcare, education and recognition experts and professionals. The participants have the opportunity to actively contribute to the development of one of the projects VQTS competence development matrixes ( for the professional field of nursing independent from the specificities of national education systems. The workshop programme will be complemented by expert contributions on healthcare qualification and recognition praxis across Europe.

Healthcare, education and recognition experts and professionals are given a platform for interdisciplinary exchange and cooperation across Europe in this workshop. It makes a concrete contribution to shaping of a new tool within recognition praxis of healthcare qualifications.

You are cordially invited to join the HCEU project consortium at Qubus hotel in Krakow (PL) on 17 March 2016 for the European HCEU workshop on “Making healthcare qualifications comparable across borders”.

Further information on the workshop will be available soon on this website.

Workshop invitation