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What we develop ...

It is the overall aim of the HCEU project to facilitate recognition processes within “nursing” and “elderly care” in the context of transnational mobility of experts in those professional fields. We, therefore, develop concrete instruments, tools for their further extension, guides on the instruments practical application and background and advanced material on their quality and conceptual background in order to lay grounds for their application within recognition praxis.

Throughout the course of the project the consortium therefore develops the following outputs:

Advanced HCEU competence development matrixes based on the VQTS approach

for the professional fields 

  • NURSING (extended by specialisations and further professional development) and


    Accompanying material for the practical application of the HCEU competene matrixes


    • Profiles of selected qualifications
    • Tools to develop individual competence profiles
    • Exemplary joint transnational learning modules


    Tools and guidelines on the use of the HCEU instruments within recognition praxis

      • A manual for recognition authorities
      • Online tutorials
      • An interactive virtual tool on the matrix' application


      Kits and guides for the transfer of the matrix approach on

      • matrix transfer to other countries
      • identification of additional organisational profiles
      • identification of competence needs profiles for employers


      Advanced research results on the HCEU instruments and their (potential) impact on recognition praxis

      • An accompanying research (report)
      • A final transdisciplinary publication




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