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HCEU international workshop, Heraklion (HE), September 2017

At the Island of Crete the HCEU partners implemented the 2nd Greek workshop within the duration of HCEU with a very interesting and transdiscipliniary group of guests and partners. All together the workshop participants reflected on recognition praxis in Greece and what contribution could be made by the HCEU results and tools in order to further develop the current situation.

Throughout the workshop recognition praxis in Greece has been introduced by Ms Mariana Mantzorou (TEI Athens and advisory board member of HCEU) gave an introduction into the recognition system in Greece. Colin Steadman from DEKRA Germany shared experiences of healthcare professionals on their way to seek recognition in Germany and Luisa Kresse from TUD (DE) introduced the guests and partners to the concept of recognition of prior learning.

However, the major focus has been put to present results and tools of the HCEU project incl. its matrixes and profiles. Especially the profiles and the high value the tools can have for the Greek situation have been a major point of discussion among the Greek guests and the HCEU partners. First discussion took place in order to further discuss those topics and make use of synergies at the HCEU sister project EUcareNet and its network on recognition and transparancy of qualifications within healthcare.

The next workshops will be held in February in Stuttgart (DE) and in Dresden (DE) in June. Both will be implemented in cooperation with the sister project EUcareNET.



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